The Sri Lanka Retailers Association (SLRA) is proud to announce its upcoming role as the host nation for the highly anticipated Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA) Head of Delegations Meeting, scheduled to take place at the prestigious Cinnamon Grand Colombo from October 18th to October 20th, 2023.

The primary aim of the Sri Lanka Retailers Association is to unite the resources of the Organized Retail industry on a shared platform to foster growth, innovation, and international outreach. Sri Lanka’s selection as the host nation for the FAPRA Head of Delegations Meeting underscores its growing prominence within the global retail community.

The Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association comprises 18 countries, including Sri Lanka, serving as a vital channel for knowledge sharing, investments, and collaborative promotions. Through FAPRA, Sri Lanka gains access to each member market, creating valuable opportunities for cross-border growth and cooperation.

“It is a distinct honour and privilege to host the HOD meeting of FAPRA in Sri Lanka. With 18 member countries representing a combined population of over 3.7 billion, the significance of this association and its representation cannot be overstated. The Heads of Delegation meeting is poised to set the stage for future prestigious events in Sri Lanka, offering abundant networking opportunities for local retailers and the FAPRA member community,” stated Mr Murali Prakash, the current Deputy Chair of FAPRA and Immediate Past President of Sri Lanka Retailers Association.

One of the critical agenda items at the FAPRA Head of Delegations Meeting is the selection of the host nation for the Asia Pacific Retailers Association Conference & Exhibition 2024 (APRCE 2024). This decision, which will have a significant impact on the global retail landscape, is determined through a voting process by FAPRA members. Sri Lanka holds the prestigious position of Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee for APRCE 2024, further highlighting its dedication to advancing the retail industry.

The gathering of the FAPRA Executive Committee in Colombo is expected to be a pivotal event, where Sri Lanka aims to secure the votes of all Asia Pacific countries in favour of hosting APRCE 2024. The decision will shape the future of the Asia-Pacific retail sector and cement Sri Lanka’s position as a key player in this dynamic industry.

As Sri Lanka prepares to welcome the President of FAPRA, the Executive Committee of FAPRA, and esteemed delegates from 18 nations, the Sri Lanka Retailers Association is committed to delivering an event that fosters cooperation, innovation, and growth within the retail community.

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