IFS, the global enterprise applications company, was recently recognized in the top five Export Corporate Brands for IT Services in the latest edition of the Brands Annual magazine. IFS secured this achievement on the back of outstanding financial performance and delivering best-in-class ERP solutions to both local and international customers. As a key player in the market, IFS has garnered substantial revenue through its operations in South Asia and other regions.

Shiraz Lye, Managing Director and Vice President IFS South Asia shared, “We are extremely proud to be recognized as one of the leading export corporate brands in Sri Lanka. This is a sheer testimony to the fact that we have been engaging in impact-driven services, empowering our customers with our years of expertise and excellence in the region. During this long journey to success, we passed many hurdles and faced challenges as a team, helping each other whilst contributing to the economy of Sri Lanka.”

One major factor that has contributed to IFS’s success is its leading enterprise software, designed and developed in collaboration with IFS customers. In addition, IFS’s highly skilled people have among the highest tenures in the industry and have established a track record of helping customers create more efficient operations and enhance their bottom lines.

IFS serves thousands of customers globally, including 150 customers in the South Asia region in Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure, Field Service Management and Aviation and Defense industries. IFS is the only tier one global ERP provider that has its own R&D center in Sri Lanka which is an integral part of the IFS’s Global operations. Over 60% of IFS’ global product development and 80% of global product support is carried out in Sri Lanka.

As one of the largest IT employers in the country, IFS has provided significant input to the IT skills and job market of the country. IFS recently celebrated 22 years of operation in Sri Lanka, with an employee base of 1,400,

Recognizing the importance of the communities in which the business has been able to thrive, IFS has established relationships with many local universities and supports scholarships to star students who wish to focus on computer science and programming disciplines. In recent years, IFS provided nearly 120 scholarships and, of those, 105 students were offered permanent employment.

In 2019, the company also established the IFS Foundation to support rural villages in Sri Lanka by providing access to healthcare, water, sanitation and education with the objective of building more self-sustaining communities in the country. IFS remains committed to, and invested in, the economic growth of Sri Lanka and the well-being of its people.

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1. Shiraz Lye Managing Director/ Vice President Sales IFS South Asia

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