Smartphones have undoubtedly become a universal necessity, with the features and benefits they have to offer. With the advancing technology, the usage of artificial intelligence in smartphones promises to provide a personalized and tailor-made consumer experience. Cameras in smartphones have also progressed rapidly over the past few years that ‘camera quality’, in both categories of front and rear camera. The smartphones of today have extended capabilities, including in-built high-quality camera lenses and mobile apps that enhance the quality of photographs and videos. With the rising trend of smartphone photography, the camera capability has become a massive selling point for smartphones these days.

vivo, with its commitment towards “customer-centric innovation”, is leading the innovation in augmented camera experience with trail-blazing smartphones in the V series and Y series smartphones. As a pioneer in the smartphone industry, vivo has been pushing boundaries ever since and delivering phones with industry-best camera technologies. For the longest time, the megapixel count of a camera was considered a direct indicator of its quality. Now, smartphone manufacturers are increasingly bringing in the latest camera technologies and powerful optic sensors to elevate one’s photography experience.

With AI-powered quad and triple-camera setups with multiple shooting modes in the Y series, vivo offers advanced camera features to users at desirable price ranges. vivo’s Y series product line is thoughtfully curated to stay in sync with the lifestyles of fast-moving users. Y series smartphones flaunt a stylish build with trendy design aesthetics, superior camera setups, powerful processors and massive batteries enabling users to explore and do more with technology.

vivo broke new boundaries with its premium V series packed with many industry-leading camera features. vivo understood that taking selfies, making short videos, and capturing personal moments is the most sought-after requirement of users from their hand-held devices. With the introduction of the latest V series, vivo launched not just one of the sleekest phones but also offered consumers an industry-leading technology– Eye autofocus feature to redefine front camera capabilities forever. For photography lovers and content creators, the vivo V series also offered many unique modes such as dual-view video mode, ultra-stable video, super night mode, slow-motion video feature, and many other shooting modes to power their creativity and skills.

Over the years, vivo has been introducing smartphones with advanced camera technology and stunning design across V and Y series. The brand also emphasizes on the importance of long battery lives supported with industry-leading processors that ensure a seamless performance.

Guided by the Benfen philosophy, vivo believes in doing the right thing and doing it right. In line with the same, vivo has always focused on consumer satisfaction more than sales figures and has thus built a trustworthy relationship with consumers. As a youth-oriented brand, vivo has strived to offer innovative smartphones based on consumer needs with deep market research in the backdrop. vivo will continue to bring in meaningful innovation and look forward to accomplishing many more milestones to ensure a seamless smartphone experience.

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