HUTCH, the pioneering telecom operator in Sri Lanka, remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting its workforce amid the prevailing economic challenges. In line with its comprehensive range of initiatives, HUTCH has introduced a highly commendable measure to support its employees by establishing a sustainable vegetable plot at its 8-acre engineering complex situated at Walpola, Ragama.   

The initiative not only enables HUTCH staff members to access a diverse array of fresh organic crops at a minimum cost but also promotes environmental sustainability. The cultivation and maintenance of this plot is overseen by HUTCH’s dedicated Green Team, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.      

The meticulously cultivated vegetation plot, carefully developed and landscaped, spans an impressive 2.5 acres and encompasses a selection of 10 different vegetable and fruit variants in addition to a thriving spread of coconut and rambutan trees that span across the property.  

Speaking about this noteworthy sustainability-driven initiative, Thirukumar Nadarasa, CEO of HUTCH Sri Lanka, stated, “In light of the ongoing economic challenges our nation faces, providing our staff with personally grown, organic, and nutritious fruits & vegetables at a minimal cost exemplifies our unwavering dedication to our staff’s well-being and our commitment to making a positive change for sustainability. HUTCH actively follows an ESG agenda and encourages sustainable practices within the organization.      


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