ABI Research, a world-renowned consulting firm, just released the industry’s first 5G core network automation and orchestration capability competitiveness report, titled 5G End-to-End Core Network Automation and Orchestration. In the report, Huawei’s core network ADN solution ranked No. 1 in the world and was rated as a global leader with its industry-leading technological innovation and commercial deployment.

5G is developing fast, fulfilling diversified requirements of consumers and enterprises. However, with the continuous evolution to cloud native and full convergence, the core network becomes even more complex and the operations and maintenance (O&M) difficulty increases exponentially. Besides service innovation, operators also emphasize network automation and intelligent orchestration solutions.

ABI Research notes that intelligence and machine learning are pivotal to automation. The report focuses on the 5G core network automation and orchestration capabilities, and analyzes and ranks global mainstream vendors in terms of technological innovation and commercial deployment. Huawei’s core network ADN solution is dedicated to achieving agile delivery, high reliability, and optimized experience through automation and intelligence and is considered a global leader.

Built on an innovative and extensive integration of cloud native, digital twins, foundation models, and intent-driven automation, Huawei’s trailblazing core network ADN solution provides end-to-end automation and intelligence throughout the lifecycle of the core network covering planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization. During network planning and construction, efficient and secure network changes and fast service rollout are realized thanks to CDCT, intent-driven automation, and staging verification. As for network maintenance, digital twins, foundation models, and intelligence algorithms are utilized to quickly identify potential risks and rectify faults, delivering high reliability. In terms of network optimization, the solution can help identify poor-QoE users and guarantee SLA, ensuring deterministic experience for individuals and enterprises and reducing user complaints.

Huawei and global leading operators are jointly innovating in the core network ADN and their achievements have been commercialized worldwide. As the automation and intelligence of the operator networks have seen a significant advancement, digital transformation is firmly on the horizon.

As the 5.5G era approaches rapidly, varied innovative services require high-performance networks in which automation and intelligence play an important role. A survey from TM Forum pointed out that 91% of global operators have formulated automation strategies and owned clear investment plans. Huawei will continue to promote technological innovation and commercial use of the core network ADN solution, helping global operators achieve strategic transformation and business success.

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