Colombo-based WSO2 announced the Availability of Choreo, a digital platform as a service today.

“For companies who need a fast, simple, and secure way to create services, integrations, and APIs, Choreo goes beyond traditional integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offerings, API management solutions, or service meshes. It enables developers and operations to go from ideation to production in hours or days versus weeks or months by giving them one seamless, combined experience that abstracts away the complexity of cloud native computing,” the Compnay said.

Well over 10,000 developers signed up for the beta program, and Choreo has gained recognition from beta users and industry influencers, alike

Key Features

-A digital platform as a service that combines integration, API development, API management, and identity and access management (IAM).

-A unified web-based rapid development environment built on VS Code.Side-by-side interchangeable graphical sequence diagram composition and code-based development, where changes in one automatically show up in the other.

 -Developer marketplace for APIs and connectors that makes it easy to discover, reuse, publish, and share. It includes pre-built connectors that provide hundreds of APIs.

-Cloud native digital platform as a service built on open-source Kubernetes, Docker, and Envoy, with built-in autoscaling, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Automated CI/CD pipeline that simplifies having a multi-stage development, testing, staging, and production environment.Full GitHub integration, including the ability to use your own repository.

-Built on Ballerina, the first open-source programming language that makes it easy to use, compose, and create cloud native network services. At any time, you can download your source code and deploy in your own environment, avoiding vendor lock-in.

-Built-in security and governance—from RBAC and complete IAM to lifecycle management, policy management, and threat protection—all streamlined together.And much more.

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