TM Forum held the Autonomous Networks Summit during the Mobile World Congress (MWC). At the summit, industry leaders including George Glass, the CTO of TM Forum; Li Huidi, the Executive Vice President of China Mobile; Yang Chaobin, Huawei’s Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions; Juan Manuel Caro, Telefónica’s director of Autonomous Networks and JV’s Technology; Eduardo Panciera, the VP of Network and Service Technology from Telecom Argentina; Aurelio Nocerino, Accenture’s Managing Director and Accenture CFN – Global Solutions Lead for Comms; and Ye Ouyang, the SVP & CTO of AsiaInfo Technologies, together proposed the Level 4 Autonomous Networks industry initiative to accelerate the evolution toward Highly Autonomous Networks.

The initiative aims to encourage the widespread adoption of Level 4 Highly Autonomous Networks globally by promoting industry collaboration, expediting application innovation, and incubating business scenarios. In pursuit of this goal, all stakeholders in the industry are directed towards three key focus areas, working together to propel the industry toward the realization of Highly Autonomous Networks. 1. Accelerating Level 4 innovation and planning to facilitate the commercial use of Level 4. 2. Expediting the development of Level 4 standards to promote multi-vendor interoperation and interworking standards that support key Level 4 technologies. 3. Speeding up the progress of making Level 4 technological breakthroughs in converged awareness, intent-driven closed-loop, digital twin, generative AI, native intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies.

At the summit, TM Forum, China Mobile, and Huawei representatives shared their strategies, values, and industry collaboration cases for Autonomous Networks to guide the industry’s development. Representatives of other companies, including Accenture, GSMA, Telecom Argentina, and Orange, actively shared their practical experiences on the implementation methods and systems, progress, and achievements of Autonomous Networks.

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Attendees launched the Level 4 Autonomous Networks initiative

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